Supporting Spalding COVID Kindness Team

By May 5, 2020 No Comments

Here at Burmor Projects, we always want to give back to the local community wherever wen can, especially during this difficult time.

As a company, we have donated to £300 to the Spalding COVID kindness team who support the Spalding Community staff and patients. Their vital work includes providing essential supplies such as PPE, food and other resources towards the hospitals and its staff and patients. We have also donated £100’s worth of Jackalope Joe Coffee Co cafetiere coffee to keep the troops going!

We thank their volunteers for their generosity and their bravery by putting themselves at risk to care for others in the community. We hope our donations help them to carry on the good work.

If you are in the Spalding area and require help of any kind, please message the page and they will try to organise this for you. If you are able to volunteer, please also message the page and you’ll be added to a volunteer group for Spalding.

You can find out more at

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