We Are Considerate Constructors

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considerate constructors

This has easily made our year so far! On our second Considerate Constructors visit we managed to rustle up a score of 39! This far surpasses the National housebuilding average and our previous score of 36.

Positive comments from the report include:

“The site manager is continuing to display a very high level of commitment towards both his company and CCS responsibilities and this is now enabling a very professional industry image to be presented to both the client and near neighbours. Community engagement remains at an excellent level and it was good on this occasion to meet with the area MD at the site. The very positive manner is which he appears to be supporting both the site teams in their own personal and company development in support of the CCS initiatives and expectations is to be commended and much appreciated by the scheme.  Very good environment code compliance is also established…the company must also be complimented on the way they have introduced health and well-being support for their operatives. Likewise the development of e-learning opportunities all certainly providing a positive effect and beneficial to the future well-being of our industry.


Credit goes to Chris Bycraft for how he continues to manage not just the site but the external factors affecting the site also.

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